Triple threats and water ballets

Your week's nightlife highlights!

Some huge shows in New Orleans this week! One of the most exciting is the return of Aqua Mob, who bring their much-anticipated annual water ballet to The Drifter. This year it’s a play on the classic movie Suspiria called ‘SuspiriAcqua’ and if past performances are anything to go by, you won’t want to miss it! Also, Laveau Contraire brings back drag contest Triple Threat, Roll For Seduction sets up its sexy, immersive world again, Remy Dee celebrates the 90s, Prettie Boi present their ALLSTARS and the Psychedelic Speakeasy brings some color to the weekend! Check out the full list of highlights HERE!

Stay safe, have fun, and we’ll have more for you next time!

Up All Night: New Orleans