Summer, stripped

This week's NOLA nightlife highlights

Before we start, a sad note with the passing this week of Roy Guste. A restauranteur and cookbook author, Roy was also a beloved fixture on the nightlife circuit and was one of the scene’s favorite photographers - many performers have been linking to his works on their social medias and his photos always captured the dynamism and character of the New Orleans show-person community. He’ll be sadly missed.

The shows go on, and there’s an amusingly alliterative theme to some of this week’s show highlights, with Stripped Into Submission, Sundown Striptease and the Psychedelic Speakeasy all ssssssshowing up this weekend. See these shows and the rest of the week’s wonders - all your New Orleans highlights are listed right here!

You can also bounce over to Dynamo’s regular recommendation for hot, home-based fun and if you’re at a loose end, here’s where we put all of our loose ends.

Be safe at shows this summer - many venues are now asking for proof of vaccination or a recent negative test, so check before you buy tickets and let’s keep our performers and service industry folk going! More next week, and in the meantime, as always, much love from here.

Up All Night: New Orleans