So then I got to thinkin'

A KS update, your week's best events and more

First up, in case you haven’t seen the update - due to trends since last week, we’re postponing the next Kinky Salon party. Here’s the statement:

"Hey all. It's with regret that we're pushing back the date of the upcoming party. After discussions with the core team, venue and medical professionals within our community, we decided that the risk of the Delta Variant is too unpredictable right now. We'd like to wait until a clearer picture of the risks emerge and we're currently looking at a mid September date with the same theme. We would regroup sooner but in August we have core team out of town, so we feel that September will both give us time to see what happens with vaccinated folk and prepare even better for a safe and fun party. We're as disappointed as you but we feel that for the sake of one party, it's worth making sure that we're not putting anyone's health at risk at what is a hyper-sensitive event for virus transmission. Thanks for your understanding, we will refund the small amount of tickets we sold and update you all as decisions are made. Thank you."

Appreciate all y’alls understanding. There are still plenty of entertainment options happening in town this week, but do check with venues as they update their protocols! There’s a chance to howl at the moon, bare book reading, an interstellar themed drag show, and a glut of burlesque revues. You can see all of those things in your weekly events listing!

This week we also got obsessed by a random old episode of Sex and the City, and decided to write about it. It’s just a goof, but also WOW, some of that show does not stand up. But it’s a good 90s/00s time capsule/guilty pleasure.

Anyway, stay safe, and have a fun week. We’re on vacation next week so we’ll be back in your inbox two weeks from now, but we’ll update the events page as we go - just check back on the ‘Further Out’ section at the bottom of the events page for interim updates. Until soon, much love!

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