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We’re back, after a fortnight’s basking in the hedonism that Leo Season always seems to entail. If anyone has a new liver or spare serotonin, we’re in the market. As the Delta-Skelter looms over live events in town right now, most venues are impressively going all-out to preserve the scene AND the health of our performers and service industry allies. Without these people, there’d be nothing to go and see, and so it falls upon us all to respect the health and safety standards that allow the shows to go on. The statewide indoor masking mandate is in full effect, and many venues are now asking for proof of vaccination and/or a negative test result from the last 72 hours. Check what the venue is asking for before you book your tickets and let’s keep our performers, and everyone in New Orleans, free from unnecessary risk. As Trixie Minx so rightly puts it:

That said, there’s an impressive amount of live shows happening this week, from Nerdlesque frolicking (pictured) at Dragon’s Den, to Qween Quan’s Cabaret at AllWays to a new weekly revue at Maison. You can find all those listings and more right here!

Here’s to a safe and fun summer of shows - let’s keep being kind, and looking out for each other, so that the New Orleans nightlife scene can keep doing what it does best. Stay safe and as always, much love to you wherever you are.

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