Normalize the extraordinary

Your week in NOLA nightlife

First of all, thank you to everyone who came out to Up All Night’s first live event, Godless Constitution! It was an unhealthy amount of fun and the performers all completely killed it - it was a gloriously uplifting night, so sincere thanks. We’re back with the next instalment on June 12th, watch out for ticket sales very soon!

In the meantime, we’re excited to bring our stand-up comedy show back into the mix - Local Uproar begins its 7th year at AllWays Lounge on Saturday May 29th! Join us for a late-night, loungey laugh at 10pm - tickets on sale here, we’d so love to see you!

We’re very happy to be keeping a whole raft of great events company as venues approach normality, capacities are slowly expanded and late nights are back on the table! We’re so ready to rack up ill-advisedly big bar tabs and call in late for work the next day once again. This could be our fullest calendar since we began this newsletter - check out what’s on the menu this week!

Finally, we’re proud to announce that we’ll shortly launch our sister site and newsletter, Out All Day NOLA - it’s the same mix of listings and features and all that good stuff, only for day walkers….you can sign up for free right here, and expect things to go live in the next few weeks.

Thanks all for your ongoing support - we couldn’t and wouldn’t do this without you (I mean, that would be weird) and we’re so happy to bring you the best of New Orleans nightlife each week. As always, much love and see you very soon.

Up All Night: New Orleans